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Snow leopard facts for kids

Why aren’t there many snow leopards left in the wild?

Hunter and snow leopardBecause people have been hunting and killing them for their fur.

Snow leopards have spots and long tail





What do snow leopards look like? They are like cats but bigger like a dog. They have gray and white fur with black spots. They have a very bushy and long tail.

Snow leopards eat wild mountain goats What do they like to eat? Snow leopards need to eat meat. They like to eat wild goats and sheep.

Why should we look after them? Because they are rare and need our help to survive.

Snow leopards live up in the mountains





Where do they live? Snow leopards live high in the mountains of Asia. The mountains are called the Himalayas.

Snow leopard cub Can I see one in my local Zoo? Many Zoos have snow leopards. Check out the Snow Leopard Trust’s Zoo web page to see if there are snow leopards near you.



endangered animals website SL pic

Pic from Endangered Animals for Kids website

What’s an en- danger -ed animal? An endangered animal is an animal in the wild which is not surviving in large numbers because humans are either killing too many of them or we are spoiling the places where those animals live. See this website for more information on animals that humans have to take care of.

See a KIDS en – danger -ed animal website here



Snow leopard and yeti coloring bookDownload for free this lovely children’s story “Snow Leopard, the Yeti and the Girl who climbed Mount Everest” as a coloring book. The drawings are by Angie Espelage.

It’s the story of a snow leopard in the mountains of Nepal who meets the Yeti and together they help the World Food Programme deliver food to children in the villages. The Yeti shows the snow leopard how many children don’t have enough to eat and why school meals are so important. These meals helped Nimdoma Sherpa as a child and she grew up to be the youngest woman ever to climb Mount Everest.

Quick snow leopard facts.

Fact 1. Snow leopards are the only big cat that can’t roar.

Fact 2. Snow leopards live alone most of their lives

Fact 3. Snow leopards can walk over 30 kilometres a day

Fact 4. Snow leopards can see in the dark.

Snow leopard drawings by first graders in Seattle school.

First graders in Seattle with drawings of their snow leopards

Mother and son at Seattle school