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About “Saving Snow Leopards Report”

The snow leopard invites me into her lair

Sibylle at Indus river, near Hemis Ladakh, India in snow leopard habitat.

ABOUT the Founder and Publisher of “Saving Snow Leopards Report”.

Hi, my name’s Sibylle Noras and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been supporting snow leopard conservation for years and gone on many treks to find snow leopards in the wild. In 2011 I trekked with the Snow Leopard Conservancy – India Trust and Karma Quest in the Himalayas in winter in Ladakh India and spent a magical 8 hours watching a female snow leopard resting after a kill.

In 2010 I trekked in snow leopard habitat in Siberia, Russia. Read the “Diary  Searching for Russia’s Last Snow Leopards” here.

After many years of working in the newspaper, internet and knowledge management industries I’m now dedicated to building this site as the most comprehensive information source on snow leopards on the web.

In January 2012 I was also elected to serve on the Steering Committee of the Snow Leopard Network, the international network of over 650 biologists, researchers, conservationists and NGO organisations fighting the life and death struggle to protect snow leopards and their habitat as well as supporting community based education.  In  2014 I was re-elected for another 3 year term. During 2014 I worked with key experts in the Snow Leopard Network to update and publish the Snow Leopard Survival Strategy 2014.1, the key document outlining issues facing snow leopard conservation today.

It is pleasure and privilege to work with the network at this exciting but critical time for snow leopards.

“Saving Snow Leopards Report”

This website is the most comprehensive website for information about snow leopards, including stories about conservation programs and cutting edge research. We cover what the experts working with this amazing species are doing, the challenges, the failures but also the many successes.

Together with many wonderful people from all over the world we bring the news and  snow leopard facts from the twelve countries that have wild snow leopards.

You’ll find information

  • current snow leopard status, numbers in the wild
  • threats snow leopards are facing in their habitat
  • what local communities are doing to help snow leopards
  • interviews and reports on what snow leopard experts are doing to research and conserve the cats
  • books and films about snow leopards
  • snow leopard facts for kids
  • eco-tourism activities benefitting local communities and snow leopards

While we focus on what’s happening with these rare, elusive and endangered cats in the wild, we also keep you up to date with what’s happening in zoos worldwide. There are over 500 snow leopards in zoos and many zoos are learning about snow leopard behaviour that will help to save the species in the wild.

Contact us

Get in touch via sibyllenoras1@gmail.com

How you can help save snow leopards

“Saving Snow Leopards” website donated this beautiful limited edition print by British wildlife artist, Martin Aveling, to the Australian Himalayan Foundation fundraising dinner. It raised $1500! Well done to all bidders.

“Saving Snow Leopards Report”  doesn’t raise money for snow leopards but we point you in the direction of the best conservation organisations where you can donate to help the cats living wild in the mountains and how to support education programs for villagers learning how to live with snow leopard’s instead of killing them. Help save a snow leopard today by supporting the Snow Leopard Trust,  the Snow Leopard Conservancy or Panthera Snow Leopard Program. You can also find the other organisations raising money and doing conservation work on our site’s Conservation Groups Page.




A beautiful piece of leather art with a snow leopard made by an artist in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

A beautiful piece of leather art with a snow leopard made by an artist in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. Photo Sibylle Noras.

What a few of our readers are saying about “Saving Snow Leopards Report.”

“It is heartening to read on this website of the many researchers and conservationists helping to save this species in the high mountains of Central Asia. We who live in this region are grateful for the support to our local people in helping them conserve our precious biodiversity and wildlife. We hope the conservation programs can be scaled up to inlude many many more village and herding communities. ” Ahmad Khan.

“We in China are proud to have most snow leopards of any country. Our people are learning about this amazing cat.” Ming Zhao.

“Thank you so very, very, much. The day after you posted about the Binder Park Zoo, I saw my first Snow Leopard!! I have lived in this area for four years, and never even heard of this zoo. It is 45 miles from me! Thanks again.” Bruce.

“Actually, I came on this site because I need to do a project on an endangered animal for science class. Thank you so much for the info. It really helped me. Even though I’m only 12 and in 7th grade.. I know the snow leopard is and forever will be, my favourite wild animal.” Jennifer.

“GREAT blog! Good work! I admire what you’re doing!” Sara.

“Congratulations on an excellent blog – very informative with great photos and interesting stories. I also love the videos which show how fit, manoeuverable and elusive the Snow Leopard is. Well done! Keep up the good work.” Sami.

“This is a fascinating collection of information. Your Students page is particularly impressive. I’ll forward your URL to a few school teachers I’m in touch with.” Janet Givens.

“I am happy there are people like you who have the means and are ready to champion the cause of this beautiful cat. All the best with your great compassionate work.” Karma from Paro, Bhutan.