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Big goal to increase wild snow leopard populations by 2020!

wild-SnowLeopard-Photo Samuel Maglione

Photo Samuel Maglione.

The big goal recently identified by the Global Snow Leopard Forum in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, is “Secure 20 by 2020” meaning all the 12 range countries that signed the Bishkek Declaration will now work together over the next 7 years to identify and secure at least 20 healthy populations of snow leopards across the cat’s range by 2020 or, in shorthand – “Secure 20 by 2020.” The program is called the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Progam (GSLEP).

Secure snow leopard landscapes are defined as “those that contain at least 100 breeding age snow leopards conserved with the involvement of local communities, support adequate and secure prey populations, and have functional connectivity to other snow leopard landscapes, some of which cross international boundaries.”

The objective of the GSLEP “Secure 20 by 2020” is to lay the foundation for the ultimate goal of saving the snow leopard from extinction in the wild by  ensuring the species remain the living icon of mountains of Asia for generations to come. Each country will now work with its government officials, people and scientists to help make this happen.

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