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Peter Matthiessen author of “The Snow Leopard” passes away, aged 86

Vale Peter Matthiessen 1927-2014.

Vale Peter Matthiessen 1927-2014.

Vale Peter Matthiessen, writer, naturalist, fisherman, novelist, environmentalist, wildlife advocate, adventurer and so much more, who has passed away at age 86.

His thoughful, warm and lyrical book “The Snow Leopard” did so much to bring our beautiful cats from behind a mystical shroud out into the world. The book tells of his month long search for the snow leopard one frozen winter in Dolpo, Nepal, as he joins George Schaller on expedition. He writes poignantly of his wife’s recent death from cancer and his quest for a higher Zen awareness.
This beautiful book did much to introduce me to the people of the high Himalayas and to inspire me to work for snow leopard advocacy and conservation. I will always be thankful to Peter for that.
Peter never did see the snow leopard but wrote so beautifully in this book – “That the snow leopard is, that it is here, that its frosty eyes watch us from the mountains – that is enough.”
Read more at New York Times http://nyti.ms/1isp4qE

May Peter roam with the snow leopards forever in the far realms of the high Asian mountains.

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