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Snow leopards to feature in DisneyNature’s “Born in China”

Disneynature films has released the first teaser trailer for the “Born in China” documentary which will make its global debut in 2016.

The film follows the adventures of three animal families — the majestic panda, the golden monkey and our beautiful elusive snow leopard.

China has the largest population of snow leopards of any range country but the species there has never featured in a nature documentary. It will be wonderful for audiences everywhere, including inside China, to see learn more about endangered snow leopards, how they live and survive and the threats facing them.

The Disneynature films also aim to “give back” to their stars, that is, they support conservation programs for the wildlife they feature via money raised through ticket sales. Through these films Disney Conservation Fund has planted 3 million trees, protected coral reef, migratory corridors in Kenya and chimpanzee habitat in the Congo.

Snow leopard supporters and conservationists everywhere will eagerly await this film in 2016.

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