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7 year old saves snow leopards

7 year old Mireya, already a snow leopard supporter and blogger, with her little snow leopard friend. Photo from Mireya's blog.

I got a lovely message from young Mireya who visited our  blog and learned lots about snow leopards. She’s going to save her money to donate to save them.  Seven years old and already a conservationist and a blogger! Well done Mireya.

“I went to a blog called saving snow leopard. I learned that most snow leopards are being shot and some people take snow leopards food so the snow leopards have to kill peoples animals and get shot. I’m going to save my money to donate to save the snow leopards. I think I might be able to help to save the snow leopards. I’m going to donate on october 30th. I love snow leopards!”  Mireya’s blog.

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  • Brenton H February 21, 2010, 2:38 am

    The hope for our planet is our young people. Great going, Mireya!

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