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Dedicated sponsor of snow leopards at Melbourne Zoo

Leon at Melbourne Zoo. Photo by Glenn McColl.

Leon at Melbourne Zoo. Photo by Glenn McColl.

I’m amazed at how dedicated and passionate people are about the animals they sponsor at Melbourne Zoo. Recently I spoke with Glenn McColl, a very keen snow leopard photographer about all the terrific photos he’s taken of Meo, Tashi and Gobi in the last few months. Glenn hasn’t done any formal photography training training but is self  taught through reading and taking many pictures, seeing what works and what doesn’t.

He explained the secrets of his best photos.

Glenn McColl, keen snow leopard photographer at Melbourne Zoo

Glenn McColl, keen snow leopard photographer at Melbourne Zoo

”Taking photos at Zoos takes time and patience as I’m sure you’re aware. Each visit I try not only too take a great shot, but also research a little into the behavior of the animal at a certain time during the day in order to know when they are most active. For the snow leopards, first thing in the morning when the Zoo opens and about the last hour before closing are the main times that I try to photograph. The cubs and Meo are most active around these times, as are many of the animals at the Zoo.I also like this time because of the lighting.”

Glenn is so enthusiastic about the cats that he’s planning visits to other zoos in Australia to photograph their snow leopards over the next few months.

“I’d love to do a trip to Mongolia some day just to be in the snow leopard’s habitat and hopefully see one in the wild. In the meantime, I’ll continue to work at my craft and support and sponsor these beautiful cats. Opportunities like my recent photo submission to the Snow Leopard Trust give me the greatest satisfaction in giving something back for the pleasure the animals give me from behind the lens.”

You can see more of Glenn’s photos on the Melbourne Zoo Friends of Snow Leopards website.

Support snow leopard conservation and the Snow Leopard Trust with Glenn’s photo’s on T-shirts and other products here.

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