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Adopt a candid camera and snoop on snow leopards in Mongolia

Intriguing candid photo of two snow leopards captured by a remote camera in Mongolia. I wonder what they are up to? Photo SLT and Panthera.

The Snow Leopard Trust’s (SLT) long term research project in Mongolia (partnering with Mongolian agencies and Panthera) is raising money by asking people to adopt one of the remote sensor cameras they’ve set up in the South Gobi province to film snow leopards in this beautiful region.

This is a lovely way to support ground-breaking work never before done in such an intensive way in any snow leopard habitat. You’ll see the candid shots of snow leopards going about their daily lives. Snow leopards are shy and secretive but these hidden cameras are revealing new information about them, much of it never known before. Share with the SLT researchers the candid smiles and yawns of snow leopards and see their prey from a ‘cats point of view.’

As a donor you’ll receive a package including a map showing the location of this year’s camera study, a CD with the black and white photographs from your camera and a special bound guide to help you identify the various animals your camera photographed.

If you like the idea of adopting a camera and help support this important project go to the SLT website.

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