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BBC helping wild snow leopards

The BBC Wildlife Fund (BBCWF) today launched a program to protect snow leopards across Asia with a donation of $90,000. The BBCWF is teaming up with the Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) and Nature Conservation Foundation (NCF) to empower local communities in conservation programs like environmental education, community‐based wildlife monitoring, anti‐poaching programs. Co-operation amongst snow leopard countries at the governmental level is also planned.

“This is the first large, multi‐country project of its kind for snow leopards,” says Dr. Charudutt Mishra, Trustee of NCF and Science and Conservation Director of the Snow Leopard Trust. It’s a huge leap forward for the species.”  Snow leopard conservation lags behind big campaigns like those set up for tigers, but Dr. Mishra hopes this project will change that. “There is no doubt that across Central Asia’s mountains the endangered snow leopard faces immediate threats to its survival. The BBCWF’s funding makes it possible for us to address the threats as never before.”

Dr Charu Mishra. Photo SLT.

The BBC Wildlife Fund was founded by the famous BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) in May 2007. Millions of folks across the globe have watched their wonderful wildlife documentaries for many years, including the famous snow leopard hunt scene in the Mountains episode of Planet Earth. While producing outstanding films about wildlife the Unit witnessed alarming declines in the populations of many of the animals filmed. Their motto is – “After 50 years of watching the natural world on TV it’s time to give something back” and decided as well as filming, they wanted to address the plight of wildlife. The BBCWF first live appeal program, Saving Planet Earth, raised 2 million pounds in a year.

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