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Congratulations all – Etsy changes it’s policy on selling endangered animal products after 33,000 protest

 It’s official. Etsy announced today it is changing its policy so no more items made of endangered animal products can be listed on the global marketplace website.
In May I found a woman’s coat with a snow leopard collar and contacted Etsy asking them to remove it and forbid these type of sales in the future. However Etsy declined and my colleagues at the Snow Leopard Trust launched a petition which in a matter of weeks got over 33,000 signatures, many from outraged Etsy users.
Chad Dickerson, CEO of Etsy however recently met with the Trust and US wildlife officials and as of today no endangered animal product listing will be accepted whether the item is old or recent. Thank you Etsy, this will send a loud and clear message to those in the illegal wildlife trade that endangered animal parts are not products.
And a special thank you to all who signed the petition. This success is up to each one of you.

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