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Deborah Peters, wildlife artist and “Cat of the Heavens”

“Cat of the Heavens” by Deborah Peters

Today I’m featuring another wildlife artist who has done a painting of a snow leopard. I’m in awe of these generous and talented people. And it’s been fascinating to feature some of these artists and see how they interpret the same animal so differently, but each with a sense of wonder and enchantment. See Martin Aveling’s “An eye to the future” and Michael Pape’s “Ghost of a Chance”

Today it’s Debra Peters who has worked in computer animation and 3D in the film industry. She says what she learned there was “Show the story”. She enjoys pushing the envelope with extreme close ups and cropped compositions; what doesn’t enhance the story gets edited out of the picture.

Deborah snow leopard painting is titled “Cat of the Heavens” and she says, “I’ve always loved animals and started painting the Big Cats a few years ago. There’s something so regal and majestic about them. I’ve always been infatuated with the Snow Leopard’s beauty, but when I started reading about them on the Snow Leopard Trust website, they truly are unique from other cats. Their elusiveness, endangerment and yet ability to just hide from man unless they choose to be seen, is amazing to me.

“The desire to learn more about those I love to paint has been my focus this year. Up till now, I simply appreciated the beauty and soul of these animals. A little research unveiled some disturbing truths on how many are just trying to survive.

“This painting I’ve done is 36″ high by 24” wide, larger than life-size. I wanted to share this beautiful face that is aware of the viewer’s presence, but not threatened, just boldly staring back with those eyes that stare straight through us. What would she say if she could? And can we appreciate this moment? For me, doing this painting was humbling and I’m so proud to be partnered with the Snow Leopard Trust, who have truly found ways to help that make sense for the local people sharing the lovely cats’ domain.”

Thanks so much Deborah, this is a strong and stunning work. I love the color of what looks like sunlight on the fur. And congratulations also on your support of endangered animals and the Snow Leopard Trust.


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