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Himalayan Tahr get great views at Sydney Zoo

Tahr are wild goats that are snow leopard prey

Himalayan tahr, a key snow leopard prey, have a new home at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. Photo Cameron Richardson, Daily Telegraph.

The Himalayan tahr is an ungulate or wild goat that shares snow leopard habitat in the rugged wooded hills and mountain slopes of the Himalayas in Nepal, India and Tibet. They are key snow leopard prey in this region and in summer graze in high pastures, then come down the mountains and form herds in the winter. Tahr have very small heads with large eyes and small pointed ears and red circles on their cheeks and are amazing rock climbers.

Taronga Zoo in Sydney has just built a new 3m-high walkway where visitors can get close to the tahr while admiring the stunning view of Sydney Harbour. The snow leopards at the Zoo are nearby and visitors can see both animals on this boardwalk.


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