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How Harrison Ford’s chest hair helps snow leopards

Harrison Ford getting chest waved for the planet.

Harrison Ford getting chest waved for sake of the planet. From video ad by Conservation International.

I know Harrison Ford supports wildlife conservation but I didn’t realise the lengths he goes to. He did a TV ad for WildAid – “Don’t buy it” – where he says to a Tiger pal, “If some one tells you don’t worry about the slaughter of tigers and elephants, there are lots of them out there….don’t buy it. Never buy illegal wildlife products. When the buying stops, the killing stops too.”
It’s a good ad with a charming Harrison and a charming tiger pal but I noticed the You Tube video only got 5300 views in two years. But the conservation.org video he did for the campaign “Lost there, felt here” got over 290,000.
What’s the difference? The “there’ in the ‘Lost there’ is rainforest deforestation in the Amazon and the “here’ in “felt here” is Harrison’s hairy chest being violently dewaxed. Ouch! Goes to show we love a message with humour. The analogy is made between the forest and Harrison’s chest hair. His pain shows us that in both spoiling and saving the planet, everything is interrelated. Snow leopards everywhere thank you, Harrison. Check out the video here.

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