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Sleeping in a cave to save snow leopards and report on Himalayan climate change

Navin Singh Khadka, environmental journalist for the BBC. Photo by The Nepal Monitor.

Navin Singh Khadka is an environmental journalist from Nepal with a keen interest in how climate change is affecting the Himalayas. Currently based in London, he is an Environment Reporter for BBC News.

Navin has had some tough adventures doing his work. In today’s interview with The Nepal Monitor he not only talks about climate change coverage in Nepal’s media but also how he once battled altitude sickness to cover a story about risks faced by Everest porters and slept in a mountain cave doing a story on snow leopard poaching.

Asked what inspired him to become an environmental reporter and focus on climate change Navin says – “Environment has been one area I have been consistently and intensively covering since I began journalism more than one and a half decades ago. Wildlife used to be my favorite beat, and I have slept in caves in trans-Himalayan region to investigate, for instance, poaching of Snow leopard. But over the years I have witnessed how climate change is changing our natural environment, and that is how I was drawn into covering this phenomenal global issue. With so much of regional and global politics increasingly surrounding it, as a journalist, there is no looking back, I guess.”

Navin Singh Khadka at 4000m with Sherpa porters. Photo by BBC.


“Reporting climate issues for the BBC Nepali service is quite satisfying as I can reach millions of those very rural people who are already bearing the brunt of climate impacts but have no idea about climate change.”


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  • Travis Pepin May 6, 2010, 7:07 am

    My name is Travis and I am 10 years old. My class is learning about endangered species and I chose the snow leopard. I found your web site and wanted to find more information about your experience with these animals. Please let me know where I can find your story, or if you could e-mail me back that would be great! My assignment is to create a habitat for the snow leopards. I live in Texas and have never seen “real” snow, so that climate is a little hard for me to imagine. Thanks for helping me out.

    Travis Pepin
    4th Grader from Texas

  • Sibylle May 7, 2010, 5:05 pm

    Hi Travis
    great you are doing a snow leopard habitat assignment and I’m glad you sound our website – maybe check the STUDENTS and KIDs page for more info.
    I’m sure in your assignment you’ll give the snow leopards lots of rocks, mountains, wild sheep and goats and some snow! I live in Australia, parts of it are a bit like Texas, so we don’t have much real snow either, certainly not where I live.
    Good luck with the assignment :-)

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