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Snow leopard merry go round in amazing footage

Amazing footage of two wild snow leopards sniffing out all the prey that come into their territory has been filmed as part of a survey in Bhutan’s newest national park. The film shows a number of cats scent marking around a particular rock and then all the prey animals that came to the rock in the days after. It shows Tibetan wolf, threatened Himalayan serow (a wild goat), musk deer and a number of blue sheep. All of these animals are prey for the snow leopard living in Wangchuck Centennial Park in Bhutan.
Field biologists from the Government of Bhutan and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) captured over 10,000 images during the camera trap survey. “The findings are phenomenal as these are the first snow leopard images recorded in Wangchuck Centennial Park,” said WWF’s Dr. Rinjan Shrestha, who led the survey team. “It suggests that the network of protected areas and corridors is helping to link local snow leopard populations, which will be invaluable to ensure long-term persistence of snow leopards in the region.”
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