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Snow leopard scouts swoop on Sagarmatha

Snow Leopard Scouts of Everest, a beautiful booklet produced by school children and the Snow Leopard Conservancy.

My friend Dr Som Ale in Nepal has sent me a lovely booklet called “Snow Leopard Scouts From Everest”. Produced by the Snow Leopard Conservancy (SLC) it’s a collection of lively snow leopard and other animal drawings by schools kids in the Everest (called Sagarmatha by local people) region. It tells the story of the snow leopard and its Himalayan ecosystem. Som recently discovered that Everest area is once again prime snow leopard habitat after 40 years of no cat sightings.

The fun drawings of snow leopards, Himalayan tahrs, yaks, musk deer and other prey species were done on a Snow Leopard Environmental Conservation Camp that SLC conducted at Mt. Everest in August 2010. Schools in Thame, Kungjung and Phortse took part and many teachers and the local wildlife authorities were also involved.

The booklet, which is in both English and Nepalese has now been produced and given to the schoolkids so they can share their work and snow leopard stories with families and friends. It’s a fantastic learning and conservation idea, all the more powerful as the kids did the book themselves.

As well as the gorgeous drawings of all the snow leopards I love the photo of each child and the little bit of information about them in the book. I reckon there are some future artists and snow leopard conservationists amongst this lot.

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