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Snow leopards cause excitement in classroom

Teacher Beth with first grade student and her drawing of a snow leopard

While I was in Seattle the last few weeks to meet with snow leopard conservationists I got an invitation that was too good to refuse. Beth, the owner of the B and B I stayed at, is a friendly primary school teacher and she invited me to give a talk to her first graders on snow leopards.

Well, it was an absolute joy, 29 bouncing energetic 7 year olds asking so many questions I thought my head would burst. Their eyes were glued to the photos I showed and when Beth asked them to draw the cats we got some amazing drawings.

Three happy boys with snow leopard drawings

Three happy boys with snow leopard drawings

Facts like the cats tail length and the length they can jump were met with squeals of delight and came out in lots of the drawings. It was really interesting to see the snow leopard through these very young eyes.

“I’ve got at least half the class wanting to be snow leopard conservationists when they grow up” Beth said to me later.

Young first grader proudly displaying her snow leopard drawings

It was an unexpected event but I had a great time with the kids and Beth. I’m sure I’ll remember it for a long time. See more photos here.

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  • Brenton October 27, 2010, 12:29 pm

    Must have been an excellent experience for both yourself and the children. Snow Leopards have a magic about them!

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