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Steep cliffs lethal for snow leopard cub

A snow leopard cub that fell off a steep cliff in private nature park in Tajikistan. Photo S. Michel.

A sad news story from Tajikistan reminds us of the dangers snow leopards face from their harsh habitat. Stefan Michel, from the Nature Protection Team in Tajikistan, found a dead snow leopard cub in a private conservancy park  near the border of Afghanistan.  The cub had fallen to its death. Michel noted that a markhor, (wild snow leopard prey) had also fallen to its death nearby.

When we see pictures of snow leopards, wild sheep and wild goats running up and down the incredibly steep cliffs of these mountains we marvel at their amazing agility. But sometimes the cliffs are just too steep and in this case the young cub had not yet learned how to negotiate them safely.

Steep cliffs in Tajikistan where the snow leopard cub fell and died. Photo S. Michel.

However the good news from this area is that snow leopards seem to be flourishing due to good prey stock and protection from humans in this private conservancy.

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  • Tajik SEU March 27, 2011, 8:34 am

    Dear Stefan,
    Could you, please, clarify about the private conservancy park in Tajikistan. Thank you!

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