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“Trekking with Tom”, Panthera’s snow leopard stories

Dr Tom McCarthy, Panthera Snow leopard program director

Panthera's Dr Tom McCarthy meeting local people in Tajikistan. Photo Panthera.

I wrote recently about meeting Dr Tom McCarthy, Panthera’s Snow Leopard Program Director in Seattle. Tom had only been home a short while since returning from a one month trip to two snow leopard habitat areas, India and in Tajikistan. In both countries he researched snow leopard populations and spent time building Panthera’s partnerships with local conservation organisations and communities. He documented his travels in a series of beautiful videos, “Trekking with Tom” which you can see on the Panther website.

I especially liked this one, where Tom is interviewing an older hunter who talks about not killing snow leopard despite the fact that one had gotten to his livestock herd and killed 150 of them 45 years ago. It shows a remarkably tolerant attitude towards an animal that threatened the old hunter’s livelihood, but also hope that people and snow leopards can survive together.

Dr. Tom McCarthy Interviews Villager in Tajikistan from Panthera Cats on Vimeo.

See more photos of Tom’s travels in Tajikistan.

Where is Tajikistan?

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