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Two new snow leopard cubs at Melbourne Zoo

Meo and her two cubs at Melbourne Zoo. Photo by Adrian Howard, senior carnivore keeper.

Meo and her two cubs at Melbourne Zoo. Photo Melb Zoo /Adrian Howard, senior carnivore keeper.

It’s almost like being a godmother ;-). After many years of sponsoring snow leopards our Zoo finally has two gorgeous new cubs. The two snow leopard cubs were born at Melbourne Zoo in December. They got their second health check and introduction to the media today. Zoo vet Dr Michael Lynch, who gave the cubs vaccinations said they’re in great health. Adian “Howie” Howard, senior keeper, praised Meo, “first time mum” and the wonderful job she’s done raising the two, a boy and a girl. Meo, 6 years old was zoo born and hand reared but she’s “done everything right” with the two cubs.

The two beautiful 5 kg cats, who have yet to be named, were quiet and big eyed and a huge hit for their first media interview. The Zoo is delighted as it’s been 20 years since they’ve had a snow leopard cub born there.  The birth at the Zoo is part of a large international breeding effort in Zoos across the world. Father Leon, 7, is also at the Melbourne Zoo. He was quietly lying in his exhibit area next to his family, fast asleep when I visited him today. No doubt wondering what all the fuss is about.

Meanwhile, Shimbu, the 19 year old female snow leopard who also calls Melbourne Zoo home, was walking around, watching birds and busily doing a paw clean as many visitors were watching her while the cubs next door were in hiding. I’m so excited about these little guys and look forward to seeing more of them in the coming months.

*****  If you’d like to sponsor the snow leopard cubs contact Melbourne Zoo Foundation.



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  • Sharon March 6, 2009, 3:45 am

    Saw the article and centre page photos in today’s Herald-Sun. Very cute fluffy beasties with huge feet they’ll grow into. Now what is “saviour” (of the species) or “beauty” in Tibetan or Nepalese? Name competition starts next week I think.

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