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Update on the snow leopards at Melb Zoo

Last week I had an industry workshop at the Melb Zoo and took the opportunity to visit the 4 snow leopards I’m sponsoring. Shimbu and Gregor (both aged around 20) share an enclosure and were very active. They stretched, lithely walked through undergrowth, lifted paws and legs while vigorously cat cleaning. At times they reflectively stared at the birds hopping through trees and grass in front of them. They were a treat to watch! Meo and Leon on the other hand, the young 6 yr olds in separate enclosures but next to each other, were both fast asleep. So much for the energy of the younger generation, or perhaps they’d been partying too much and sleeping in!
I had a coffee chat with Howie, (Adrian Howard) the snow leopard keeper who was just about to scoot off on some annual leave but he told me that the week before Leon and Meo had had a meeting which went well. Meo was happy for Leon to be near her and for about 7 minutes they looked at each other and mouthed the way snow leopards do. After the 7 mins it was clear Meo had had enough and the 2 were again popped into their own enclosures. Great news they are getting on so well!

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