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Want to see snow leopard in the wild?

A beautiful snow leopard sleeps in her wild home in the Indian Himalayas. Photo Sibylle Noras & Jigmet Dadull.

Who doesn’t?

Earlier this year I had the time of my life watching a snow leopard in the wild in Ladakh, India. I went on a fabulous trek with KarmaQuest and the Snow Leopard Conservancy to the Himalayan mountains in Hemis National Park and with the support and professional tracking of Jigmet Dadul and his team we found a magnificent female cat on our 7th day and spent the entire day observing her.

Snow leopards are rare and elusive; many biologists have studied them for decades and only caught a glimpse or two of the cats. So believe me it is an amazing experience and a privilege to see one in the wild. This trip is being offered again in February (6th to 22nd 2012) and my friend from KarmaQuest, Wendy Lama tells me there are still two places left to join this group.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see a snow leopard in its own wild habitat and contribute to snow leopard conservation in Ladakh. Led by a Ladakhi snow leopard expert wildlife spotter, assisted by trained local scouts and a high-powered telescope in camp, you’ll have the best set of eyes prowling the landscape for you. You’ll also stay with a Ladakhi family in a Himalayan Homestay where you get to share the local way of life, meeting villagers and sharing their food and swapping stories.

Part of the trip cost is a donation (in many cases tax deductible) which directly supports snow leopard conservation in Ladakh through the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust. The folks at the SLCIT are hard working and dedicated and passionate. Its due to their work with ecotourism development programs that benefit and inspire the Ladakhi people to protect snow leopards that make it possible for the cats to thrive in this part of the Himalayas today.

If you’ve always had a dream to see a snow leopard in the wild, go with this group. Each winter group for the last four years has seen a cat, so without a doubt this will be the best chance you’ll get.

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  • Jerzy November 22, 2011, 11:43 pm

    It is wonderful sight. However, this is very expensive trip, is in -20oC cold and “snow leopard monoculture” with very little else to see.

    Maybe I am spoiled, but can snow leopard researchers think of an area with less extreme conditions? I had an idea about Mongolia in summer, where snow leopards live at lower altitude, it is warm and there is lots of other birds and mammals around. However, I learned that it is not a good place to actually get a sighting. Any ideas?

  • Sibylle November 23, 2011, 9:36 pm

    yes summer is unfortunately not a good time to see snow leopards, they actually go to higher altitudes, so winter is still your best bet….

  • Tommaso December 20, 2011, 2:16 am

    I would film the snow leopard. Could you suggest me the best place or country to go and see it in the wild? In Mongolia Altai region is possible to film it? thanks

  • Jens June 12, 2014, 7:16 pm

    I went on a trip in February this year with Snow Leopard Conservancy and it was fantastic. I saw three snow leopards and a lot of other animals as well. Although I didn´t have Jigmet as a guide but I met him several times both in Ladakh and in Hemis. I think my guides were top notch and I would love to back again.

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