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WCN snow leopard conservation

Late last year I was lucky to get to the Wildlife Conservation Network annual event in San Francisco and met many people from WCN and  supporters. It was an inspiring day. The WCN supports amazing wildlife conservationists like Iain Douglas Hamilton of Save the Elephants, Laurie Marker of Cheetah Conservation Fund and Rodney Jackson, founder of the Snow Leopard Conservancy and others. WCN provides financial support but also an opportunity to get together and share knowledge. Despite working with different animals and in different parts of the world most conservationists share similar problems like poaching, habitat loss, community education and so on.

The WCN’s 2010 Annual report, now available, has stories from last year’s activities, the highs and lows of working to save endangered animals around the globe.

Dr Rodney Jackson of the Snow Leopard Conservancy said -“I’m so grateful to have been associated with WCN from the day we formed the Snow Leopard Conservancy. We are celebrating our 10-year anniversary with donor-partners who share our passion and commitment and WCN has played a crucial role in bringing us together. But WCN hasn’t only provided us with the resources to make conservation effective; our personal interactions with the staff, volunteers, donors and other conservationists inspire us every bit as much as the rare creature we work with. ”

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