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We did it! Mongolian snow leopards saved

Dr Tom McCarthy.Photo Panthera.

News just in this morning from Dr Tom McCarthy from Panthera.

Tom writes to over 3500 people who signed their petition  – “Thanks to your help in signing and sharing Panthera’s petition, the Mongolian government has just announced the cancellation of the planned hunting of at least four snow leopards – and possibly many more – for scientific ‘research’.

We congratulate the Mongolian Government for considering the input from so many Mongolian and international scientists and NGO’s, including Panthera, and listening to the voices of people around the world, in making what we firmly believe is the right decision.

As we celebrate this exciting achievement, we must still remember that the snow leopard remains endangered, with just 3,500-7,000 individuals remaining in the wild across 12 countries in Asia.

Well done Panthera! And well done the Snow Leopard Network, the Snow Leopard Trust and the Snow Leopard Conservancy. I know many of these folks worked tirelessly the last week to lobby the Mongolian government. Without their work more of our beautiful and rare cats would have been senselessly killed.

If any readers would like to make a donation to snow leopard conservation at this time please do so – Panthera, Snow Leopard Conservancy or Snow Leopard Trust. They rely on donations to be able to do work like this when it is critically needed.

Thanks again to all who signed the petition, snow leopards are grateful! Best regards, Sibylle.

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  • Laura Palacios March 24, 2011, 1:11 pm

    This the greatest news that I can have lately, congratulations for all that were involved in this matter, just hope that no just the Mongolian government , all humans and goverments try to save and protect them, we all need to have them with us.
    Thanks for sharing this news. Love to all snow leopards and animals in general.

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