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Wild, fluffy like a hedgehog. 10th snow leopard in Mongolia study called Zaraa.

Second collared female, Zaraa, little 'hedgehog', in the Mongolian study by the Snow Leopard Trust.

The most recent member of the collared gang of snow leopards in the Snow Leopard Trust’s Mongolia project has got a name. When she was captured, the team, in the style of true scientists, called her F2 (she only the second female collared in the study out of ten cats). But now she’s been officially named Zaraa, which means “hedgehog” in Mongolian and suits her as this cute photo shows. Follow the amazing and groundbreaking snow leopard study on the Trust’s Blog and learn more about Zaraa and the males that are being studied via high tech GPS collars. Zaraa will be  important to this study because the other female collared early on, lost her collar and the team didn’t get much data on her.

Mongolia‘s wilderness and mountain deserts are good habitat for rare snow leopards and many teams are working with local herder communities to protect the cats.

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  • Mireya September 21, 2010, 8:29 am

    that is so cool I wonder what they’ll come up with next?

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