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Buy a goat, save a snow leopard. No more socks for presents.

WWF Buy a goat, save a snow leopard.

WWF Buy a goat, save a snow leopard donation. Photo WWF website.

Sick of giving socks for presents? I know I’m sick of getting them. Well, not so much socks, not too many people give me those, but you know, those little gifts where people mean well, but you know that you’re never ever going to use the widget, gadget, thingumyjig.

If that’s you, then what about giving a goat? Why? Well, when you make a donation to the WWF, you can buy a goat, and get a personalized certificate to show your friend, family member, that you saved a snow leopard in their name.

How does it work? Snow leopards in Mongolia are going hungry because their natural prey, the natural food supply like wild argali goats, is being pushed out by domestic goats. So naturally they often hunt a domestic goat instead. When that happens the poor farmers and herders lose their only source of income and will often kill the snow leopard to stop it killing more livestock.

So WWF will give a herder in Mongolia a goat when he loses one and that stops him killing the cats and means they are protected and given a future. Great idea and everybody gets a wonderful present. Forget the socks – Buy a goat for some-one special today!

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