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‘Time’ photos of captured snow leopard in Afghanistan

Mission to save snow leopard in Afghanistan. Photo Essay by Richard Fite in Time magazine.

Captured snow leopard in Afghanistan. Photo Essay by Richard Fite in Time magazine.

Readers may recall the story of the captured snow leopard in Afghanistan I wrote about in March. Richard Fite, the US veterinarian who advises for the U.S. Agricultural Department in northern Afghanistan, tried to save the cat, which had been captured for the illegal wildlife trade, but sadly she died.  Richard shared his hope with the world that at least many government officials and others in the country are now more aware of the need to help these rare animals and perhaps the remaining snow leopards will be treated better.

Time magazine recently released a photo essay of truly shocking photos taken by Richard of the poor cat. I hope, along with Richard and others in Afghanistan, that these photos will help in educating people of the need to actively protect these animals. I don’t believe it’s an over statement to say, that it will take a lot of effort, a real lot, to stop snow leopards becoming extinct in the wild in Afghanistan in our lifetime. May this poor snow leopard not have suffered and died in vain.

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  • Laura Palacios June 17, 2010, 4:05 pm

    It´s so hard to belive that people kill them , just to get some money, this animals are so amazing and beautiful, I really hope that humans change their nature , its awful to see how they kill them, I am really interested and commited to help you to protect them , please let me know how can i help you .
    Laura Palacios

  • Sibylle June 17, 2010, 4:29 pm

    Hi Laura
    yes it is hard to understand that people would kill these amazingly beautiful cats. Sometimes it’s desperation to feed a family, which I can understand, but sadly other times its greed or fun, which I can’t understand.
    To help save snow leopards keep doing what you are doing, learn about them and care. You might like to support one of the main conservation agencies, the Snow Leopard Trust or the Snow Leopard Conservancy, both of them doing amazing work with the cats and educating the communities that share their habitat in places like Mongolia, Nepal, India and Pakistan. Also you can sponsor them at your local zoo if they have snow leopards, or the nearest zoo. See the Snow Leopard Trust website for a map of zoos that have the cats. Keep up your interest and dedication, snow leopards need you :-)

  • Laura Palacios July 21, 2010, 3:41 pm

    Hello Again, do not think i have forgotten about this lovely animals, i have my facebook account and i have sent some emails trying to get some help, it seems that no one have reply, but i am willing to continue trying, as soon as possible i will try to send some money in order to help you, just wanted to let you know that still here.
    Take care and give a hug to one of those little babies.

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