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Every day has to be Environment Day for snow leopards

UN Environment Day 2010Today is World Environment Day 2010  – June 5th. This year’s UN theme  “Many Species – One Planet – One Future” made me reflect on just how important it is right now, this day, this month, this year, to focus our efforts on endangered wildlife before it’s too late.

This means a big effort to save the few remaining snow leopards in the wild.

In all range countries the news is not good. In some range countries the news is terrible. Poaching by the wealthy who enjoy hunting (Russia and some of the Central Asian states), decimation of prey species, herder retaliation killing of snow leopards in return for loss of livestock (India, Pakistan, Mongolia) and the continued demand for snow leopard parts for traditional medicines (Tibet, China).

Snow leopards, one particular species, an important part of our one planet, may not have a future for long unless we act quickly, consistently and with strong will.

Snow leopard at Melbourne Zoo. Photo Glenn McColl.

Snow leopard cub at Melbourne Zoo. Photo by Glenn McColl.

I know it’s hard for people living a long way away from snow leopard range countries to care about this animal. But we have to remember, we humans and all the planet’s wildlife are interconnected. I know it’s hard for people living a long way away from snow leopard range country to feel they can really help, but believe me, help you can. Spend a bit of time learning about this beautiful animal and its fragile environment. Encourage your kids to do a school project on them.

For your next holiday you can join a snow leopard ecotourism trip and lastly, but very importantly, give a gift of donation to the organisations that are working every day to save these magnificent cats. Donate for yourself, or as a gift to a loved one.

Celebrate Environment Day, help this big cat have a future. Let them live in the wild.

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